Sunday, January 23, 2011

OpEd News Interview With ETC's Joanne Lukacher

Joanne Lukacher, ETC advisory board director, discussed recent and ongoing developments in New York's experiences with computerized voting with Joan Brunwasser of OpEd News here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joanne Lukacher and Howard Stanislevic Interviewed on Activist Radio

"We one of our State Election Commissioners that the paper ballot count would be the certified count -- not the machine count.

"Now...a tightly contested election...has been certified, but the paper ballots were not the deciding factor."

-- Joanne Lukacher -- Election Transparency Coalition

On January 7th, ETC project director Joanne Lukacher and ETC adviser Howard Stanislevic of the E-Voter Education Project were the guests of WVKR radio hosts Fred Nagel and Gary Kenton on their program: Activist Radio. Fred is an active peace and justice advocate and Gary served on the Dutchess County Voting Integrity Task Force which delivered the report leading to the Dutchess County legislature becoming the first county legislature in New York to pass a resolution in favor of retaining their lever voting machines. The conversation covered: Columbia County's 100% hand count; the request for a hand count of the NY Senate District 7 contest denied by the state's highest court; the ongoing Nassau County lawsuit against electronic vote counting; and more. A podcast of the discussion is available here as a free mp3 download.